Felbridge Flyers Training Page

Due to a current high training commitment from August 2020 no new novice members can be taken on for the present

There is nothing worse for a newcomer to the hobby of model flying than to crash their new pride and joy on its first flight. Yes we have had people turn up with the scale Spitfire expecting to fly it straight away. We have usually been able to make them see sense and build a trainer!

The Club operates the BMFA training scheme, with BMFA recognised instructors. This will get someone from novice to safe operation with a good chance of still having their original aeroplane.

The Club uses the BMFA "A" test as the benchmark for safe solo, and have examiners in the Club to enable tests to be conducted on the home fields.

We provide a training log for the new member and try to allocate a "lead" instructor. The training proceeds through the syllabus and progress is recorded in the log. This enables other instructors to pick up on what has and has not been done. Do bear in mind that volunteers do the training so don't expect their attention for a whole day! We will do our best to get you a couple of "sorties" on each visit but it is dependant on enough instructors turning up.

We have certainly found that the R/C flight simulators can help a great deal particularly when the aircraft is coming towards you. They are no substitute for actual stick time, but they do help - the crashed plane can be used again and again by just pressing a button.

We also try to get as many people to take and pass the BMFA "B" test and can provide help in achieving the end result.

We have our own examiners so all can be done "in house". We have got many members from novice to "B" test standard over the years.

The Club uses the BMFA "A Flying Start" guide lines as it's training basis.
Below are links to PDF document from the BMFA Web site