This is the Club's 42nd year at our original flying site near Blindley Heath in Surrey, established by a small group of enthusiasts led by Dave Ellis (who ran the local model shop which sadly closed some years ago) and a few others. We have continually improved our “patch” over these years and our runway is (in old money) 303 feet long by 30 feet wide oriented as 22 and 04. It is close mown grass and useable all year with appropriate models as grass can get very soggy in the winter months. Our future is “in limbo” at the moment though as our field may well be sold at some point during the year, we have been given notice to quit. We are actively looking for another site so the Club can continue. We are currently not taking any new members on due to the uncertainty but visit our website on a regular basis, any updates on our fate will be published.

As can be seen from the photo there are a few trees around us but take off and landings in either direction are clear. The site geography does mean that you learn to position your aircraft with precision.

The Club promotes quiet and safe operation. We learnt many years ago that to maintain the use of flying fields we must fly quietly and minimize annoyance. For I/C models we have a lower maximum noise allowed than in the code of practice and limit ground run rpm to 10000 or under. Quiet operation has had little effect on the performance of sport and scale models. Many members are surprised on how much better the models performed with the slower revving and more efficient props: it is thrust you need, not rpm.

Having said that, the majority of members fly with electric power which has made huge advances over recent years. Large models can be effectively flown with electric power giving good duration with no mess and little noise. We have also learnt that not all electric models are quiet so we do check these for excessive noise as well. The real culprits here are 'prop in slot' models and pushers if the prop is very close to structure.

WWe are a Fixed Wing Club and the ethos of the Club is very much flying for fun and enjoying ourselves safely and creating minimum disturbance to our neighbours. Our site and location dictate that certain types of models cannot safely be operated. For example gas turbine powered aircraft are not permitted nor are models exceeding 7kg in weight. If competition aerobatic flying, large models or fast and furious is where your interest lays then our Club facilities will not match your requirements.

Felbridge Flyers Radio Model Flying Club operates near East Grinstead in West Sussex, UK. Our members come from a large radius: Crawley in the west, Croydon to the north, Edenbridge to the east and Brighton to the south. We are affiliated to the BMFA, Club number 0495, and have members who are registered instructors and examiners.

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